Artemisia annua : monographie D. Dieng


Interested in medicinal virtues of plants ? Discover our monograph on Artemisia annua, a plant with several potential applications in the field of health. 

A complete and eas D. Dieng, Monographie sur l'Artemisia annua, août 2020, Bruxelles (written in the framework of a 2-Years training in herbalism, EFP)



intelliigence stratégique -guide

Discover "Intelligence stratégique : guide pour la recherche et l'innovation", our guidebook on strategic intelligence !

A complete and easy introduction to strategic intelligence, illustrated with full of use cases dedicated to innovation stakeholders ! It is cited as a reference tool in "Intelligence Economique : Références et notions-clés | Délégation Interministérielle à l'Intelligence Economique | Paris, June, 2015. More about this book ? Click here  >>

References : Intelligence Stratégique : Guide pour la recherche et l'innovation, Dominique DIENG, expert en Intelligence Stratégique,  Ed. Presses Universitaires de Namur (PUN), octobre 2014. 



Dominique Dieng_inteligence stratégique

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Business monitoring

You are quite aware that, in order to be innovative and competitive, you need to monitor the technical changes around you, the changes in standards and regulations, new patents, your competitors (firms, laboratories), etc …

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Strategic studies

Do you envisage new developments? Do you plan a new strategy in Belgium or in a foreign country? …

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Performance, Innovation, Profitability are your core goals? You are aware of the need to both monitor the environment in ...

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Before implementing them within your organization, you want to discover tools and methods that help you…

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