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book with akasias


Perhaps you wondered why this name “AKASIAS”?

AKASIAS stands for aK(nowledge for)A(ction through)S(trategic)I(ntelligence)as.

AKASIA is the Afrikaner name of the acacia, this tree that dominates the African savannah.

From its top, you can survey everything that happens in the savannah, and it also protects from the sun those who settle in its shadow. Exactly what we intend to do with Strategic Intelligence.

AKASIA is also… the Tree of Knowledge.

And because this tree gathers all our values, we choose it as a symbol of our  activities.

As a tree, AKASIA is a Link between heaven and earth. My ambition is to be that link between knowledge, between tradition and innovation, particularly in the field of complementary approaches to health.