Who are we ?

Dominique Dieng's pictureDominique Dieng

She is the owner of AKASIAS.

Endowed with a long-term vision, an analytical and synthetic mind, Dominique Dieng is very curious about the world. She fell into the pot of Strategic Intelligence from the very beginning of her career: it's been over 20 years that she is carrying out tasks of watch (markets, innovation, legislation,…). Her strength is her multidisciplinary approach to solve multifaceted problems and her knowledge of several different businesses and working environments.

She started with consultancy posts in marketing and market research (with a small detour via the medical delegation), then entered the world of scientific research.

She was also the interface between the research world and SMEs in the IT sector in the framework of a business cluster. Thereafter she joined a health care insurer to meet the challenge to develop European research projects in the field of e-health, focusing on chronic disease management. She had the opportunity to lead a strategic intelligence project, before deciding to provide her services as a Competitive and Strategic Intelligence consultant.

And now … a new orientation : herbalism

Passionate for many years by the virtues of medicinal plants, she is convinced that the approach to health must be both preventive and holistic. She is also convinced that there are many ways to move towards health, by integrating complementary care practices and by promoting integrative medicine. She therefore trained in different fields and, in September 2020, completed a 2-year training in herbalism, with a monograph on Artemisia annua, a real treasure of nature.