Our methodology

3 Pilars of Strategic Intelligence

An integrated and pragmatic approach

There is often confusion between strategic watch and strategic intelligence, between internet watch and strategic watch.

Our vision?

  • According to your needs, we provide you with an integrated and pragmatic approach of economic, competitive and strategic intelligence.

  • Our approach relies on its three pillars: monitoring, protection of information and influence.

That, when talking about monitoring, is not limited to internet watch but, within the contractual framework fixed with you, is enriched with visits to exhibitions, participation in conferences and/or contacts with persons, organisations that are likely to bring key information.

That, when talking about influence, does not focus only on the European authorities, but considers the possibilities to act global through influencing at the local level and on the Net!

A constructive and participative methodology

Team building

  • Together, we define your needs and set goals. We start from your experience and items you already have.

  • We identify key collaborators with you and work to build together the solution that will serve the needs of your organisation: we are convinced that it is the men and women who make the success of a project.

  • For the watch and strategic studies, we come back to you very quickly in order to validate the first results collected and, if necessary, make adjustments.

  • For training, we incorporate elements of your business or that of participants.


A modular offer

A modular offer

  • Having defined together your requirements, we make you a modular offer allowing you to choose the service that best suits your needs, priorities and budgets.